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Hi I’m Alvin Tucker. I live in Scotland and until recently operated a tourism business. Due to recent lockdown restrictions, my business went under unfortunately. However, this blog is for me the phoenix rising from the ashes as I publish lifestyle factors and issues in a new business way forward for me.

Take a look at what I've discovered and am now presenting to you here in this wonderful blog of mine.

Things You Can Do In The Wilds Of Scotland

My business was all about tourism in the wilds of Scotland, so I want to share with you just some of the amazing aspects of this stunning world location.

You will discover the very best places you can visit together with Scotland's ultimate places to walk.

If you've never been to Scotland, then you really must do what you can to visit. You will be coming for the sunshine and hot weather, but if you're looking for breath-taking landscape and scenery then Scotland has the very best to offer.

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