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11 Science-Backed Things Women Find Irresistible

Let’s be real, men: We all want to know the desires of women. A group of scientists have asked the same question. In this post I have laid out 11 things that are science-backed that women find irresistible.

  1. Although good looks are important, they may not be as crucial as you think. Studies show that women prefer to be with attractive men for adventure, and not long-term relationships.
  2. Women need to have a sense of humor. It makes men appear smarter, according to scientists.
  3. Women prefer men who are generous and do good deeds to be in long-term relationships.
  4. Studies show that women prefer men who are posing in front of expensive cars and apartments to men who are normal, perhaps because they appear wealthy.
  5. Older men may be more attractive to women because they have had the opportunity to build up more resources.
  6. Studies have shown that facial hair can be both attractive and repellent. This makes it subjective. You can do whatever you like with your face and you will attract your perfect partner.
  7. While older research found that people feel better when they are liked, recent research has shown that “making it difficult” can work. Women are more attracted to men who are unavailable than women.
  8. A few studies have shown that dogs and men are more successful than women with them.
  9. A speed dating experiment showed that women are more attracted to men who are conscientious, present, attentive, non-judgmental.
  10. According to a study, women around the globe consider red clothing more attractive than black clothes.
  11. Women are more likely to value men who take on risks, even primary ones. These risks include saving lives, hunting for food and playing with fire.

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