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Hi I’m Alvin Tucker. From this blogs domain name, wild-in-scotland.com, you can guess that I come from Scotland. In fact, not only do I come from Scotland, that I used to run the Scottish tourist business where I would list all of the best locations for people to visit here on this site. Unfortunately, my business failed not long after Covid 19 struck.

My focus has since been on creating this site as a blog.

My overheads are low which is great for me, because while I am waiting for income to increase from my online work, I will be able to live on what I have built up from my business.

I live in the Highlands which are surrounded by lochs, probably best known for the Loch Ness monster. Having lived a very rural life I plan to keep it that way as I write about lifestyle-based topics in this blog.

Of course, I will be writing about Scotland but it will become far more than just Scottish tourist destination recommendations. So why not bookmark this site so you can come back and see what I can come up with.

Wild In Scotland