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An Overview Of Loch Ness


Loch Ness, home of Scotlands most mysterious and elusive creature, is an impressive loch by anyone’s standards. Stretching approximately 22 miles in length and up to 1mile in width, its deep waters are where mysteries were born. Waves appear unexpectedly and dark shadows haunt the surface.

The story surrounding the Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as Nessie, dates back some 1500 years to the times of two fearsome Celtic tribes, the Picts and the Scots. St Columba, an Irishman of royal descent who has been given credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland, came over to Scotland after being banished from his homeland. In Scotland he set up the Celtic Church but also dabbled in politics whilst trying to convert both tribes to Christianity. It was whilst he was heading North to see the Pictish King, King Brude, that he came across Nessie. Just as his servant swam out into the loch to fetch a small boat, Nessie arose out of the misty waters and started to move towards the unfortunate servant. St Columba, standing on the shore, immediately made the sign of the cross and told Nessie that he/she was never to hurt another animal again. Since then many believe Nessie has been good but of course there are those who think otherwise.

Sightings of Nessie are still being reported, tantalising visitors and locals alike. Many expeditions have been organised to try and find Nessie ranging from boats using sonar to penetrate the deep waters to web cams operating 24hrs a day. White witches have blessed the waters and snake venom has been used as bait, though it’s always said, Nessie likes toes!

Loch Ness is also one of four lochs which were connected in the 1800’s to form the Caledonian Canal which goes from Inverness on the North Sea to Fort William situated on the Atlantic Coast.

There are a few towns dotted along the length of Loch Ness. Starting from the South and going along the West bank you have Fort Augustus, Invermoriston, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit (where we often stay*), and Loch End. (*Loch Ness Backpackers)


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