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How To Slow Down The Pace Of Life

You can start living life at a pace that allows for you to be fully present in what you do.

What are the commonalities between urban gardens, home canning, vinyl record resurgence, and old trades? All of them are ways to tackle the same problem: the fast pace of modern living.

Boiling fresh blackberries for jam can give you the satisfaction of making something you wouldn’t normally find in a shop. You can knit a scarf on a train ride, which allows you to enjoy a time that wouldn’t otherwise be yours.

You don’t have to stop knitting or cooking; you can also slow down your pace by simply looking up at the clouds.

Why slow down your pace of life?

It might be better to ask the question: Why are we so quick to get things done? It doesn’t matter if you go at a snails pace; slowing down enough so you can accomplish your goal and bond with others helps you relax, calm your nerves, and paradoxically, gives you more time than when things are moving fast.

Where do you start?

Recognizing that peace is possible is one of the first steps to living a peaceful lifestyle. It can be tempting to believe that you don’t have the time or energy to slow down when you’re busy. But there are always options, no matter what you do.

Start small. You can start small by reading the suggestions.

Origins of Slow Living

The origins of the “Slow Living” phenomenon can be traced back to the “Slow Food” movement that Carlo Petrini began in Italy in the 1980s.

This move aims to encourage people to eat and talk during meals, rather than what has become commonplace: eating fast and running back to work.

Slow food is an alternative to fast food. Slow Living, on the other hand, is the idea of slowing down and enjoying the things you do, whether it’s eating, working, or just relaxing.

What can you do with your meals?

Even if you are ordering food to go, sit down at a table and eat off a real plate.

Before you begin, take a deep breath.

Get rid of your phone, laptop, or book and just focus on what you are eating.

Invite your coworkers to lunch, rather than eating at your desk.

Take the time to have dinner together as a family.

There are other ways to slow down your pace of life

Change the way that you work

It can be stressful to commute to work. Try to find a different way to get to work. You could ride your bike, motorbike or on foot to work. Or you could take the bus or public transport. You could also ask your boss to work from home for a few days.

You might consider looking for work opportunities nearer to your home if your current job requires you to travel long distances. You can make scrolling more enjoyable, even if it is impossible to do so. You could, for example, leave earlier to avoid traffic jams and take advantage of time spent listening to a meditation or audiobook.

Transform your daily routine into a routine

There are certain things we all do every day, such as making tea or coffee, washing dishes, and making bed. Pick one of these easy tasks and slow down while doing them.

You can relax by making coffee or tea. Focus on the right amount, slowing down the pouring, and inhaling the aroma. Even if your day is busy, you’ll feel more peaceful and calm if this ritual is followed.

Instead of spending your time watching TV, spend it on a hobby.

Instead of checking email, updating social networks, or shopping online, you can do these things. If we allow them, it’s amazing at how much time these activities can consume. Although it is easy to believe that hobbies are not important, the truth is that many people choose to devote their free time to them.

Choose a day in the week when you can have an “offscreen afternoon”, and use it to pursue something that interests you. You can dedicate an afternoon each week to learning to knit, play an instrument, or write a novel if you have always wanted to.

Enjoy a little boredom

Thich Nhat Hanh, a spiritual leader and peace activist, explains in his book “Planting Seeds” that it’s quite hard to be lazy.

“Doing nothing, enjoying yourself and the world around you, is a deep practice. We all have an energy that pushes us to do something or another. It is impossible to be still, or just enjoy being there. The beautiful sky or ourselves. “We cannot exist without doing something.

This is a good idea to keep in mind when you feel bored. Don’t rush into something. Instead, pay attention to how you feel, what the light is doing, and who you are around.

Make your vacation more enjoyable

The holidays are a great time to slow down our pace of life. Do not rush, and instead choose to slow down and simplify. Instead of buying a beautiful flower arrangement, why don’t you cut some herbs from your windows to decorate the table? You can also make a thoughtful gift for someone you care about. Shopping online can sometimes be easier and less stressful than walking through crowded malls. So maybe you’ll choose to shop online and then enjoy hot chocolate while you wait.

Do not rush to educate your children

Children who go to school for extracurricular activities or sports, and then spend their free time watching TV or doing homework, will eventually become stressed out and tired. Do not be busy all the time. Find a break in your free hours to escape screens, even if that means you have to cancel enrichment activities or decline invitations.

Even if they are initially bored, children will find something to do. You can help them by getting them creative toys, such as drawing materials or wooden blocks. Also, take them on frequent trips to the park or other natural areas.

You can create something out of nothing

It can be very satisfying to make something you wouldn’t normally buy. This can often replace other forms of entertainment like watching movies or eating out. You can even make it a group activity by bringing a friend along to help you with the project. Bake bread, make jam, knit a cap, make beer, make soap, scrub your bathroom, or make cloth napkins.


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