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Should People Over 70 Keep Driving

Spain allows people over 70 to continue driving in Spain. Do you believe that they shouldn’t continue driving in Spain because of their age?

Although very experienced and cautious, they are also extremely cautious and cautious. However, their reflexes are limited and they have limited ability to respond to unforeseen circulatory events. According to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) data, the number of Spanish drivers who drive is 2,251,000 and has increased exponentially over the past ten years.

The number of drivers aged 70 and over has almost doubled in a decade (2005 to 2015), from 1,444,575 drivers to 2,251,000 (206,425 drivers). If we go back to 2000, we see that the elderly driver population has increased by 93.5%. In that year, 1,163,646 drivers aged over 70 sat behind a wheel.

This trend is also supported by absolute numbers on total licenses issued and still in force. The 8.5% of Spanish drivers who were granted a permit or driving license last year that was issued to them in Spain was septuagenarians, octogenarians, and nonagenarians. Ten years ago, only 6.1% of all drivers were elderly (23,621,906 persons).

Do they need to keep driving? What happens to the reduced reflections? Is it too easy for psychotechnicians to assess the abilities of this age group’s? What should the DGT do in this situation? Is it dependent on individual abilities?

These issues are a result of the recent accidents caused by older drivers. One of the victims was killed when an 87-year old man driving an SUV collided with a group of bicyclists in A Guarda (Pontevedra). Another 98-year old man was killed when his SUV crashed into a tree at Los Alcazares in Murcia.

According to the RACC’s 2013 study Mayores al Volante, 6.1 million drivers older than 65 years old will be driving on roads by 2030. Four of these drivers are men.

“I am in perfect health”

“Why should you stop driving? I am perfect. I can drive the car better then many young people.” Maria Luisa G. Munoz a veteran driver, has reached this conclusion despite the fact she will soon turn 73.

The woman, who doesn’t look her age, has “40 years of experience” but she also affirms that “I have never had an accident.” His seniority and appearance do not negate the reality of what is real: He says, “Yes, I take a lot. I have sugar, cholesterol, and I also take medication for anxiety.” The talk lasts 20 minutes. She adds, “But young people drink and use drugs and they don’t have my experience.”

He admits to using his car less frequently, and is about to turn 21. However, he insists that he still needs it “to get to the town when the weather is good”. He laments that he couldn’t do it without public transport. He adds, “I don’t have anyone to take me.”


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