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The 7 Dirtiest Things In A Hotel Room

Always bring antibacterial wipes with you when you travel.

Have you ever wondered if there is something beneath the clean surface of your hotel room?

Here are the 7 most disgusting things that you will find in a hotel room.

1. Remote controls

They may contain bacteria like MRSA, E-Coli and staph. It is possible that they are so filthy it is best to not touch them.

2. Telephones, light switches and taps

You wouldn’t want them to come in contact with your body. Although their cleaning might have appeared a little sloppy, it doesn’t mean they don’t clean them.

3. Cups and glasses

Hotel room cleaners seem to be accustomed to simply washing their hands under the bathroom tap and drying them with a towel. They don’t use soap. Also, scraps of paper may have been on top of the glasses for a while.

4. Bathtubs

You aren’t the only one who finds hairs in the tub. You may get hairs from someone you do not know. Sometimes, tubs don’t rinse well after cleaning with chemical cleaners. Sometimes they just use the same towel or gloves to clean the bathtubs as they did the toilet. It does seem very clean.

5. Beds

A hotel has a cleaning schedule that only requires the changing of sheets, blankets, and bedspreads every three months. Yes, every three month. Those blankets in the closet? They could have been there since the opening of the hotel. They may have also been there for a while. Sometimes, they won’t even replace them when they are out of date. How many hours do you spend with those pillows on your face? It’s probably too many.

6. Curtains

They are not always perfect. Curtains are difficult to clean. It is not easy to remove, change, and put them back. This is why so many hotels don’t bother. If curtains are left hanging for too long, and come in contact with the air, they can be a breeding ground of all sorts of insects and disgusting creatures.

7. Countertops and desks

They might have the same problem that bathtubs. Cleaning crews are often in a rush. They don’t get paid well. It shouldn’t surprise you that they use the same towel for cleaning every surface of the room. The result is that dirt from the bathroom can end-up on your counter or table. It can also happen vice versa.


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